About Us

Attorney-at-Law Davide Ruini is registered in Italy with the Bar Association of the City of Modena, the Association of Accountants of Modena and the Registry of Statutory Auditors.


He has been registered with the Solicitor Regulations Authority of London, United Kingdom since 2011.


He practices as a tax attorney and accountant in Italy, taking care of matters relating to corporations, partnerships and legal entities at an international level.

In Mexico, it has carried out several company operations, assisting corporations and legal entities resident in Italy with interests in the country, as well as legal entities that have transferred to Mexico and still have affairs in Italy.  

Giovanni Braccini practices as an Attorney-at Law in Mexico, registered with the National Registry of Professionals with professional license number 10417716.


He has international training, with experience in both European countries and Mexico, and has participated in important company operations by providing legal assistance to Mexican and foreign clients with interests in the country.


His professional experience and presence on Mexican territory enable him to provide full legal assistance, with that added value that can only be guaranteed by practice and experience on a country’s territory. Direct knowledge of the local culture and the Mexican mentality mean that Attorney-at-Law Giovanni Braccini’s professional advisory services are of great value for anyone approaching this market with a need for expert and competent legal assistance.

Ruini & Partners is a legal and tax firm with vast expertise in the international company law.


The firm, which is continuously growing, provides specialist assistance and consulting to foreign companies in different international business sectors.


In Mexico, the firm has specific experience thanks to the presence and contacts required in order to assist, in a disciplined and effective way, its clients intending to make their business grow in this country that has great potential and is constantly growing.

What we can do for you

If you want to open a company in Mexico, relocate your production or expand your market abroad, we can help you as consultants and allies in your business.


We can meet any legal and tax advisory need, from financial planning to networking and logistics to marketing.


We can carry out your administrative and customs processes by helping you in the organization of your business in all respects, both technical and strategic.

Why choose us

Seriousness and competence are two fundamental factors in selecting a consultant that provides support in operations as important as the internationalization of a commercial activity.


We have both of these, enriched by extensive knowledge of the local market and by the ability to be in tune with our clients, sharing their style, values, organization and vision, and creating a unique alliance, enabling the businessperson to enjoy this experience enthusiastically and calmly.