Once the incorporation of the company is completed and it has been registered at the Federal Taxpayer’s Registry (RFC), the company must open a bank account.


The firm Ruini & Partners can provide assistance in the execution of each process, including the use of powers of attorney, thereby facilitating communication and the relationship with the bank and in any other administrative process.


To open a bank account, each credit institution has its own requirements, though all request the following documents:


  • certified copy of the articles of incorporation of the company;


  • document of the registration of the company at the Public Registry of Commerce or, provisionally, a letter from the notary public who granted the public deed of incorporation specifying that such registration is underway;


  • Taxpayer’s ID (RFC) of the company;


  • Power of attorney of the legal representative executing the process, a current official identification (passport) and immigration form (in the case of foreign citizens);


  • Proof of address of the legal representative of the company executing the process;


  • Application form to open the account provided by the bank.


Depending on the specific requirements, it is possible to open one or several bank accounts, authorize one or more persons to manage them, limit the amount of transactions available to a specific person and carry out home banking transactions.