Any person who does not have Mexican nationality can remain on Mexican Republic territory only as a Visitor, Temporary Resident or Permanent Resident.


Based on the reason for his/her stay, the first two statuses can be of different types (for example: visitor for humanitarian reasons or temporary resident for study reasons, etc).


To personally sign the articles of incorporation of a new Mexican company, the founding partners do not need a temporary resident permit. It is sufficient to provide the notary public granting the public deed with their passport and Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) that is received when entering Mexican territory.

Conversely, to carry out remunerated activities, it is necessary to have a Temporary Resident permit. To obtain one, a job offer must be received from a Mexican employer.


From November 2012, this process cannot be carried out directly in Mexico, but at a Mexican consulate outside the Mexican Republic.


Any company wishing to hire foreign personnel must be previously registered with the National Migration Institute (INM) and obtain an employer certificate.


Our firm’s professionals can provide you with the assistance needed to carry out any migration process, for example, registering the company with the INM, its renewals, the processes to obtain temporary resident and/or permanent resident status, etc.