Thanks to its simplicity, the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada is an appropriate instrument for doing business in cases in which its partners’ interests do not require special protection mechanisms.


As with the Sociedad Anónima, the S. de R.L. also has a net separation between the corporation’s equity and the partners’ personal assets and does not require a minimum capital to be incorporated.


The capital is not represented by shares, but rather by equity participations that can have a different value from each other, though always equivalent to multiples of one Mexican peso. Each partner is the holder of a single equity participation, whose value will be equivalent to that of his contribution.


As occurs in the S.A., the S. de R.L. also has a shareholders meeting, which is its primary management body, though it is not mandatory to appoint an auditor.


It can be incorporated with variable capital, which can be easily modified, either by increasing or reducing it.